Sunday, August 22, 2010


Life. Seems to me that life is often a big mess. A big mess of good and bad and beautiful. A beautiful complicated adventure. An adventure so grand that it inspires my insides. Inspires my insides to write.

I love to write. I hope someday to write a book. But until then I blog. I blog about nothing and I blog about everything. I remember, before I became a Mom I had so much more time to write. Time to write of my crazy random happenings during a somewhat ordinary day. I was creative in my writing about Life. And I liked it. Now days I'm lucky if I write one blog a month. The substance of my writing has also changed. Now I write about Life. Not the Life I had before I became a Mom. But the Life that I have now.

It's funny to me how your entire Life can change the moment that those tiny fingers wrap around yours and that tiny little pink face is looking up at you from a mass of soft blankets. The moment I knew he existed was the day my Life changed forever.

So now my Life is full of sticky fingers and dirty diapers. Temper tantrums and slobbery kisses. Sleepy hugs goodnight and happy hellos every morning. I wouldn't trade this Life for anything. And it's such a beautiful complicated adventure, that still inspires my insides...and every so often, it inspires me to write about Life.

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