Friday, August 13, 2010

6 Years and a Date

Yesterday was our 6 year Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated by going on a much needed date night. The city of Sasebo is surrounded by mountain peaks. Almost every peak has it's own outlook that you can drive to and view the city. One peak in particular, Mt. Yumihari, has a resort at the top, complete with a restaurant. We decided it would be the perfect place to dine and take in the glorious view and city lights. The restaurant served French cuisine and we were both very excited to sample what they had. This is a journey through our splendid evening, and since I'm in love with food, we'll start there...with Dessert!

For Dessert: Vanilla bean ice cream sitting on top of two slivers of sweet honeydew melon. A cheesecake mousse. It had the texture of super fluffy jello and was molded into a cone shape. Raspberry coulis and blueberries. The sparkle of the raspberry and the creamy texture of the ice cream exploded with flavor in my mouth. I enjoyed all of this while drinking a tiny cup of coffee. Or cohee as the Japanese pronounce it. It was the perfect end to a wonderful meal.

The Main Course: I ordered the beef entree. My husband chose the lobster. The base of my main course was grilled summer veggies. A slice each of eggplant and zucchini, broccoli, tomato, pepper and onion. Also there was a tiny square of what tasted like thin slices of potato stacked on top of each other and baked. Like a miniature potato au gratin. All of this was crowned with 5 ounces of the tenderest beef I've ever had. Grilled perfectly to lock in the flavorful juice. Then a slice of fried potato crisp topped it all off. It was a work of art. Almost to beautiful to eat...almost.
Soup: We were both served a steaming cup of tomato beef broth. Very rich and full in body of flavor. But light and almost refreshing. Two herb rolls were also served with this course. Light and fluffy, the perfect side to this soup.
Salad: Mixed greens, topped with slices of shrimp, and sweet cherry tomatoes. It had a vinaigrette dressing that I found to be quite lovely. It enhanced the greens perfectly. The salad had a dollop of caviar on the top, that made me feel like I was dining with the King. But to be honest I could hardly detect any flavor from it.
First Course: A tomato slice. With a very light vinegar glaze and tiny bits of scallops pressed into it's center. The tomato and it's acidity are meant to cleanse the palette before starting a meal.
The view from the restaurant of Sasebo city. The sun was just starting to go down and was shining brightly over one area of the city. It was quite the breathtaking view.
A view of 99 Islands. Beautiful.
Me. Before dinner Brandon and I stood on the balcony and took pictures. Pictures really don't do this view justice.
In the entrance of the restaurant was this large glass vase filled with wine bottles. I found it to be a very cool piece and had to take a picture.
An end to a fantastic evening spent with the love of my life. I'm one blessed woman to have him!

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FUN!!! Thanks for sharing your meal with me too! haha